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“Like persistent rays of sunshine bursting through cracks in ominous clouds, the Royal Oui injects a little sophisticated, earnest optimism on a seemingly dour world.” -Buzzbands LA
“Warm, and full of soft but vibrant sonic colors. It feels like a living, breathing creature that has no choice but to bare its soul, believe in magic, and see beauty in the world.” -Beatroute
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The Royal Oui (Adrienne Pierce and Ari Rosenschein) Photo: The Royal Oui

Adrienne Pierce and Ari Rosenschein of the Royal Oui describe their new release, Animals, as “our freak-folk nature EP." Just as the electro vibe of This is Someday was a departure from the dreamy mood of their self-titled debut, Animals represents a fresh direction for the duo. Composed as a commission for Seattle-based literary organization Hugo House, the EP’s three songs weave tales of wild and domestic animals into detailed chamber pop.


Opener “Jaguar Sun,” with its reversed drum loops and psychedelic organ flourishes, hits like Sufjan Stevens meets the Mayan apocalypse. The playful second track, “Drongo” tells the story of a trickster bird and is replete with sampled avian sounds. Closer “Little Stray” is about one of Pierce and Rosenschein's dogs, Arlo, of whom the couple asks “How can one so small be filled with so much love and fear?”


Outlets like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter praised the Royal Oui’s past releases. Performer called the band’s sound “impassioned indie pop," and No Depression said, “The Royal Oui is able to make listeners feel true love.“ Live, they’ve supported Great Lake Swimmers, Chris Shiflett, Jane Siberry, Elliott BROOD, Steve Poltz, and others. Entirely self-produced, from the mixes to the artwork, Animals is a wild look at wildlife through the Royal Oui’s iconoclastic vantage. As they sing midway through the EP, “Oh it’s just your nature. It’s just nature.”

The Royal Oui is:

Adrienne Pierce

Contact: adriennepierceart [at] gmail [dot] com

Ari Rosenschein

Contact: arirosenschein [at] gmail [dot] com






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